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The DSG gearbox is an amazing bundle of technologies with over 50 patents protecting it. The mechanical and software details of this technology are on lockdown from even the dealerships who are not allowed to perform any service other than the basic maintenance.
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Alex’s Autohaus and APR is pleased to present the ultimate Transmission Control Unit (TCU) Upgrade for the DQ500 7-Speed DSG / S-Tronic Transmission! This will fit the new Gen 3 RS3 and TTRS.
The DQ500 gearbox is the strongest  integrated DSG within the VAG group.  This is why it is also used for heavier vehicles or models with high power. With TVS / DSG software the DQ500 can be used up to 800hp / 1000 Nm Mostly this gearbox also suffers same problem as DQ-250. Solenoid VFS 1/2 DSG DQ500,DL501,0B5,0BH Part # 50228 Reference # 72030 Extra information Solenoid 50228 is a direct replacement part for Audi DSG Clutch 1 (N440) and Clutch 2 (N436) VFS solenoids in 0B5/DL501 and 0BH/DQ500 units. •Genuine OE-quality •Direct replacement part
Post logs of engine torque from DQ500 gearbox WOT in 3rd or 4th gear. If the torque is not correct, then your ECU tune had underscaled torque and your DQ250 had fudged pressure adaptation values.Unitronic Stage 1 DSG Tune (DQ500 MQB) Regular Price: $ 700. 00. Sale Price: $ 600. 00 (1) On Sale. Unitronic Stage 2 ECU Tune (2.0 TSI EA888 Gen 3 MQB) The DQ500 is currently the world's only seven-speed transverse-mounted gearbox for high torques In the DQ200, due to the separate oil circuit, no foreign material from the gearbox can enter the...
The advantages of an automatic gearbox are, for example, • a high level of comfort, above all in gear changes, as there is no interruption in tractive power. This formed the framework for Volkswagen to combine both transmission concepts into one completely new gearbox generation: the direct shift gearbox. S308_014 Oil pressure filter Oil cooler
The VA-G Audi Gearbox Adapter is used to work with other gearbox programmers to read and write DQ250 DQ200 VL381 VL300 DQ500 DL501 data. Location / Function: output shaft 1 - 1st and 5th gear Application: 0BH, 0BT, DQ500, 0DL More info. x. On request Brand: Take Out from New Transmission. U2-FOR-0BH-15-A
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